About Joy . . .

Before starting this business I used to make clothes for both men and women as a side job. But as my family started to grow my attention was needed more at home. As my kids got older, it was hard for them to find the perfect fit so I started fixing clothes again. Altering and perfecting clothes to fit has now become second nature to me, making me confident in helping others to feel comfortable in their clothes. 

We fix:

  • dresses

  • bridal-for wedding dresses, please make an appointment

  • suits

  • jackets

  • zippers

  • curtains

  • shortening sleeves

  • adding hooks/snaps

  • fixing neck roll

  • adjust size

  • adjust waist

  • rips/ tears (if repairable) 

  • linning

  • hem

Wedding Dress Fitting Appointment

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